Visual Inspection

We check for signs of corrosion and ensure proper ventilation around the air handler.

Condenser Coils

We examine the condenser coils for dirt, debris, and signs of damage.

Refrigerant Levels

We check and adjust refrigerant levels to ensure optimal cooling performance.

We also inspect for any refrigerant leaks.

Condensate Drain

We clear and inspect your condensate drain for blockages, damage, and proper drainage to prevent water damage.


We test your thermostat modes of operation.  We also verify accurate temperature readings to ensure proper operation.

Air Filters

We check air filters for type and cleanliness.  We also educate the you on filter selection and maintenance.


We inspect the ductwork for leaks, damage, or poor insulation.

We also ensure proper airflow to all areas of your home.

Evaporator Coils

We check your evaporator coils for cleanliness, rust, biologic growth, and refrigerant leaks.  We also clean your coils as necessary.

Blower Motor

We inspect your blower motor and fan for proper operation.

We also lubricate the motor and check the blower wheel for balance and cleanliness.

Electrical Components

We check all electrical connections for tightness and signs of excessive heat.

We inspect the control board for any visible damage.

Condenser Fan

We check your propeller for balance and signs of stress and deterioration. 

Hairline cracks often develop around rivets.

Refrigerant & Temperatures

We check your system refrigerant levels.

We also analyze subcooling and superheat temperatures, as well as discharge temperatures to ensure the system is working properly.

Inspect Unit & Insulation

We inspect insulation on refrigerant lines to prevent energy loss and condensation.  We also ensure units are level to prevent compressor damage.

System Performance

We check the overall air conditioning system performance and assess the system’s ability to cool the home efficiently.


We record any findings, document repairs made, and provide you recommendations.

We also offer maintenance tips and schedule future service if needed.