Dirty Evaporator Coils

We have been seeing a lot of these lately in homes in the Triangle area, so we really wanted to emphasize the need for a clean coil to you. Dirty evaporator coils really impair the functioning of your HVAC unit, so if you haven’t already had spring maintenance done to your unit, please schedule one today!

Air conditioners use coolant to absorb heat from the air, carry that heat outside, and release it into the air outdoors. They do not produce cold air like a furnace produces heat. In order to cool your home, the refrigerant circulates continuously.

But What Is It?

An evaporator coil is one of the components inside an AC system that absorbs heat. It’s often either connected to a furnace or inside of your air handler. It works with a condenser coil that helps it complete the cooling cycle.

Does It Need Maintenance?

Keeping your evaporator coil clean is one of the most important aspects of an efficiently running HVAC system. A dirty coil can push the use of your AC up to 30%. A layer of dust on the evaporator coil can cause it to operate inefficiently. The insulation properties of the dust keep heat in.

When the evaporator coil starts freezing, it could be a sign of one of several different problems. For example, dust or debris on the outdoor condenser unit or a problem with your air filter can cause this

Keeping your evaporator coils clean is vital for good performance. Every month, change the filter because if it begins to clog, dirt and dust will start settling on the evaporator coils instead of on the filter.

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