Do I Need a Dual Zone or Two Systems?

Which Zone Type Do You Need?

A dual-zone HVAC system works on multiple sensors, thermostats, and dampers to more effectively control the temperature in different “zones” in your home. The design works great for many two-story homes where bedrooms are upstairs and the kitchen and living areas are downstairs. When doing this type of zoning, the simplest method of zone control is to have a thermostat in each zone.

You can go with a single HVAC system divided into two zones, or two separate HVAC systems, one for each level of the home. A second HVAC system might be the solution if your system runs most of the time, but can’t adequately cool in summer or heat in winter (if nothing is wrong with the current system that is).

Dual-zone definitely gives you better energy efficiency and more even temperatures throughout your home, which also means more comfort for your family.

What Will Work Best?

But how do you know which would work best for your home, the dual-zone design or the two-system design? Give us a call and we can take a look at the current system, see if it can be dual-zone using the dampers in the air ducts, or if you really do need two systems.

You can never have enough comfort in your own home. With the Dual Zone or Two Systems, you can control both heating and air conditioning at the touch of a button to keep your Raleigh home at the desired temperature you like. Let us show you what’s possible for you.

Greer’s Service recommends having your system professionally serviced by us twice a year, ideally each spring for the cooling system and in the fall for the heating system. We even have the Comfort Club set up just for that. Give us a call to join.