Duke Energy Smart $aver Program

Credit:  Original content repurposed from Duke Energy – https://www.duke-energy.com/home/products/smart-saver/hvac-install

General Requirements:

    1. You MUST be a Duke Energy electric customer.
    2. A landlord may receive the rebate if paying for the qualifying system.  The tenant’s information is used (from their Duke Energy bill) to establish the equipment and location requirements but the landlord is assigned to receive the actual rebate further down the application.
    3. New equipment MUST be installed by one of Duke Energy’s participating contractors, like Greer’s Heating & Air.
    4. The installation of new qualifying equipment must be in an existing home (as described below in point v.) with existing equipment already installed. That is, new construction or a new mobile home does NOT qualify under this program.
    5. This program is ONLY available to Duke Energy residential electric service customers residing in:
      1. Single/multi-family homes.
      2. Condominiums.
      3. Mobile homes on permanent foundations
      4. Townhomes.
      5. Duplexes.
    6. HVAC installations must include:
      1. Qualifying duct/equipment sealing.
      2. Air handler/furnace must have an ECM blower motor.
  1. Qualifying equipment will fall into one of the following two categories:
    1. Critical Component Failure (CCF).
      1. One or more of the following conditions exist:
        1. Cracked heat exchanger.
        2. Failed compressor.
        3. Excessive refrigerant leak requiring 3-lb (or more) of refrigerant to make operational.
      2. If one or more of these conditions exist, your new equipment must be rated by AHRI to meet or exceed the SEER(2)/EER(2)/HSPF(2) requirements below to receive the corresponding rebate listed in the following table:

Smart $aver® Rebates for HVAC Systems with Critical Component Failures (CCF)

North Carolina Rebate Values Effective: 2/1/24

Early Replacement

  1. Does NOT meet any of the requirements of a Critical Component Failure.
  2. Homeowner/Landlord attests that they are replacing the equipment before the end of it’s useful life to increase operational capacity, comfort, and/or efficiency.
  3. An Early Replacement – Existing Equipment Data Collection form must be filled-out AND SIGNED by the Homeowner/Landlord and uploaded along with the application after the work is completed.

Smart $aver® Rebates for Early Replacement HVAC Systems

North Carolina HVAC Rebate Values effective: 9/18/23
  1. A smart thermostat is NOT required for these rebates.  However, should you decide to claim the smart thermostat rebate, the following is required.
  1. The smart thermostat must be listed here to be eligible (model number must be EXACTLY the same as listed).
  2. The listed smart thermostat MUST be purchased:
    1. Along with the HVAC equipment.
    2. Through a participating contractor, like Greer’s Heating & Air
    3. Installed at the time of the HVAC installation.
    4. Programmed through the homeowners home WiFi network.
    5. Operable through the homeowners WiFi network via a smartphone, tablet, etc. at the time of installation.
  1. All applications and supporting documentation must be successfully submitted AND approved within 60 days of the date of installation.

Special Requirements

Mini-split system:
  1. What is Eligible?
    1. Installed system MUST condition at least 1,000 square feet of living space.
    2. Whole-home replacement scenarios ONLY!
    3. Mini-split DUCTED systems.
    4. Multi-head non-ducted systems.
  1. What is NOT Eligible?
    1. Standard window units, portables, and/or PTACs.
    2. Any installations in:
      1. Garages
      2. Barns
    3. Single-rooms
      1. Bonus rooms
      2. Sunrooms
      3. Other situations like these.

Electric Heater upgrades (baseboard, electric element heater, electric furnace with or without an A/C (but NOT a HP), etc.) to Air-Source Heat Pump ARE eligible for the highest rebate values.

  1. How do I apply for these rebates?
    1. After Greer’s Heating & Air completes the work, we will submit the rebate application, along with any required documentation.
    2. Once Duke Energy (Trade Ally) receives and approves the application, you will receive the rebate within 4-6 weeks.
  2. Rebates are paid out via prepaid Mastercard. You have the option to receive a physical card in the mail or you can get it faster through a digital Mastercard that can be added to your virtual wallet on your iPhone or Android device.