HVAC Technician is a Skilled Trade

What Is Meant By A Skilled Trade?

Skilled trade refers to occupations that require specialized training, technical knowledge, and hands-on skills. Examples of skilled trades include HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, welders, and mechanics, among others. They are essential for many industries and are crucial for building and maintaining our infrastructure, buildings, and homes.

While a shortage of workers pushes wages higher in the skilled trades, the financial return from a bachelor’s degree is lessoning, even as the average debt it plunges students into remains high and keeps increasing.

High school graduates are still strongly encouraged to go for a bachelor’s degree, creating a huge gap for high-paid jobs that require shorter and more economical training. This is not just harmful to students hoping to land such jobs but also carries long-term risks for the economy.

In High Demand

Skilled trades are also in high demand due to the growth of the construction industry and the need for repairs and maintenance of existing infrastructure. As the economy grows and new buildings and infrastructure projects are developed, there will be an increasing need for skilled tradespeople to construct and maintain them.

Unfortunately, promoting additional need, many skilled tradespeople are now reaching retirement age also, meaning there is an unfortunate shortage of workers to fill these important positions. 

The number of people joining vocational trade schools is diminishing at an alarming rate and this is making the existing gap for skilled trades even bigger. On top of that, the younger generation does not seem to be interested in pursuing these trades due to their preference for higher education.

*Today, nearly 90% of construction companies nationwide are having trouble finding qualified workers. Ironworkers remain in particularly short supply, along with electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.

Skilled trades are essential to a thriving economy! Not only do they create jobs and provide individuals with opportunities for professional growth, but they also ensure that our physical environment is safe and secure. Plus, these occupations tend to be well-paid, benefiting everyone in the community.

It’s absolutely vital that we ignite enthusiasm in the younger generations for skilled trades so that these crucial roles can be sustained in the long run.