Seasonal Allergies and Air Conditioning

Allergies – in the past year, the increase has been unprecedented.

Air conditioning is a technology that has been around for a long time and has improved over the years. It is an important part of our lives because it provides us with comfort, convenience, and health benefits. Air conditioning has become more efficient over time.

Air conditioning is a great way to keep your home cool during the heat of summer, and it can also help with seasonal allergies. If you want to keep your home comfortable and allergy-free, there are a few things you can do.


  1. Change the filter monthly!
  2. Keep doors and windows closed.
  3. Clean your home regularly: dust mites love warm, humid environments like those found in some areas of homes.
  4. Get an air purifier: this will help filter the air inside your home so that it is more breathable for those who suffer from allergies.
  5. Change the filter monthly! (Yes I repeat)
  6. Create a vacuum cleaner schedule so that your carpets and floors get vacuumed regularly.
  7. Wash bedding every week.
  8. Use a dehumidifier in your basement to keep it dry.
  9. Reduce dust around your home by dusting and keeping the vents.


Also, you need to clean the outside AC unit. If there’s dirt and debris on the outside unit, it is harder for it to do its job. Eventually, it’ll get clogged up and won’t be able to work well when you need cool air during a heatwave. Clearing away the dirt and debris around the unit will help ensure that the air is flowing properly.

And of course, the best necessity is to have your system maintained regularly. Only a professional HVAC tech can tell you how well your air conditioning is working or if it needs anything. So give us a call if you live in the Triangle or surrounding areas to do a maintenance check on your air conditioning.