Summertime Home Cooling

Keeping Your Air-Conditioning Utility Bill Down

Are you trying to keep your air conditioning utility bill down, but the sun blasts through your windows in the afternoon? Are you watching your electric bill go up and up with the Triangle’s summer heat? Those 90-degree days aren’t far away. Here are several options to help you in keeping that bill down.

  1. There is always the old faithful – blinds or curtains. Either would help with keeping your rooms cooler as long as you remember to close them when the sun is streaming in.
  2. Have you thought about tinting your windows? There is a “solar” type option of window tint that is made to improve energy efficiency. Solar films absorb or reflect UV rays from the sun. This helps regulate indoor temperature. It also prevents furniture and carpeting from fading.
  3. Awnings are another great way to keep the heat of the sun from coming into your home. The plus factors with awnings are you can have them down when you want to keep the sun out and up when you don’t, and they also add appeal to the outside look of your home.

HVAC Maintenance

And of course, the biggest way to keep your home nice and cool while keeping your electric bill lower is to have your HVAC system maintained regularly! That is why Greer’s created our “Comfort Club.” With being a member of our club, you will receive a complete system tune-up twice a year, in spring and fall.

Not only that, members also enjoy lower tune-up rates of $19.99 per month for the primary system and $11 per month for secondary systems and the ease of a monthly credit card draft. Members also receive 10% off all Indoor Air Quality products such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, and air filters.

What is not to love! Give us a call today to join!