Time to Change Your Filters

Change Your System’s Filters Regularly

Clean HVAC filters make a big difference in air quality. The fresher the filter, the more efficiently your system runs, resulting in lower energy bills. Filters are designed to trap dust and airborne particles.

The worst of the “yellow” pollen that North Carolina gets so much of seems to be gone, so now would be a great time to change those filters. Your family tracked that pollen in with them, along with it blowing in through your garage.

How often should you change HVAC filters?

That depends. What type of filters do you use? Do you have pets? How often does your system run? Do household members have allergies? The suggested timeframe is once every three months, but circumstances in your home may shorten that timeframe.

If you find your furniture is getting dusty right after you clean, or if you find your furnacing is running more than normal, take a look at your filter(s). Dusty and dirty filters put a strain on your air handler shortening its lifespan. And yes, even in the summer with the air running the filters are still working hard at keeping dust from being sucked through the HVAC system, where it can gather on the air conditioner’s inner coils and reduce efficiency.

Also good to know is that filters are given a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV), which ranges from 1 to 16.  6 through 12 are best for residential furnaces. Filters with ratings higher than 12 are designed for specialized use, such as in hospitals. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter is at blocking airborne pollutants.

We carry an extensive array of products to help make sure your indoor air is safe and clean, including air purification, humidification, UV light, and air cleaning systems, as well as air and furnace filters. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, just give us a call and let us know how we can assist you.