HVAC Energy Efficiency Standards

“SEER2” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2. The efficiency standards for a split air conditioner are divided into three regions, Raleigh (all of North Carolina) is in the Southwest Region. The regions themselves throughout the US will stay the same. The most recent change to the minimum efficiency standards for air-conditioners and heat pumps will focus […]

Big Is Not Always Best

Choosomg the Correct Size of HVAC Equipment Here in the Raleigh area, we are heading to the cooler and colder time of the year. Your furnace is 20 years old and it is on its last leg. Time to replace it. You’re thinking if you go to a bigger furnace it will be more efficient. […]

Broken Home Furnace and No Heat

Heating Out? Your heat isn’t coming on and you realize your pilot light isn’t igniting a spark. Most furnaces now have electronic ignitions. These can quit working for a multitude of reasons, but now what do you do? Do you smell gas? If you do you may want to get out of the house, call […]

Don’t Let the Invisible Killer Get You in Your Sleep

Carbon Monoxide CO is toxic to humans because it is attracted to hemoglobin, the main component of red blood cells. Typically, hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout our bodies, releasing it to tissues as needed. When CO gas is present, it replaces the oxygen and can kill in minutes in heavy concentrations. In low concentrations, the symptoms mimic the […]

Furnace Maintenance – Never Underestimate the Impact

The Need For A Furnace In The Triangle We all know here in the Raleigh Durham areas we have several cold months during the year and that being without a furnace for heat just wouldn’t work. So most all of our homes have a furnace of some design. These can range from: A furnace running […]

Pay Now or Pay More Later

HVAC Twice Yearly Maintenance Keeping your HVAC system in good working order is essential. Regular maintenance of your system is needed to ensure its longevity and efficiency. By having regular maintenance performed, you can save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs and replacements. Additionally, regular HVAC maintenance can also help improve the […]

Raleigh’s Weather and Your HVAC System

Raleigh’s Weather With Heat and Air In The Same Day Here in Raleigh, North Carolina we have become used to using heat at night and air during the day in the spring and fall months. Whatever the current weather is, as they say, “just give it a minute” and it will change. But what does […]

HVAC Technician is a Skilled Trade

What Is Meant By A Skilled Trade? Skilled trade refers to occupations that require specialized training, technical knowledge, and hands-on skills. Examples of skilled trades include HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, welders, and mechanics, among others. They are essential for many industries and are crucial for building and maintaining our infrastructure, buildings, and homes. While a […]

Air Quality – Inside vs. Outside

Air Filters I know we’ve talked about air filters for your HVAC system a lot, along with your home’s indoor air quality. But that is because filters are one of the easiest things to forget about and one of the easiest things to change that will help give you quality indoor air. Air filters are […]

Springtime HVAC Maintenance

Why Wait Spring is an ideal time to schedule HVAC maintenance to ensure that your system is in optimal condition before the 90-degree days of summer start in North Carolina. Everyone calls at that time, so finding good, well-trained technicians can be hard. It can also be hard then to find parts as everyone’s air […]