Duke Energy Smart $aver Program

Credit:  Original content repurposed from Duke Energy – https://www.duke-energy.com/home/products/smart-saver/hvac-install General Requirements: You MUST be a Duke Energy electric customer. A landlord may receive the rebate if paying for the qualifying system.  The tenant’s information is used (from their Duke Energy bill) to establish the equipment and location requirements but the landlord is assigned to receive […]

A Quick Guide to Federal Tax Credits & Rebates

Federal Tax Credits (2023 – 2032) – HVAC Specific What is a tax credit and how is it different from a rebate and/or a tax reduction? (from https://www.cleanenergyresourceteams.org and www.NerdWallet.com) A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of income tax you would otherwise owe. You claim a tax credit as part of […]

Amana HVAC System Facts

So Many Names To Choose From There are many heating and air conditioning systems to choose from today. But, your Amana® brand dealer can draw on a vast degree of heating and air conditioning knowledge and experience to help you decide on the system that best fits your specific needs. The size and age of […]

Summertime Home Cooling

Keeping Your Air-Conditioning Utility Bill Down Are you trying to keep your air conditioning utility bill down, but the sun blasts through your windows in the afternoon? Are you watching your electric bill go up and up with the Triangle’s summer heat? Those 90-degree days aren’t far away. Here are several options to help you […]

Time to Change Your Filters

Change Your System’s Filters Regularly Clean HVAC filters make a big difference in air quality. The fresher the filter, the more efficiently your system runs, resulting in lower energy bills. Filters are designed to trap dust and airborne particles. The worst of the “yellow” pollen that North Carolina gets so much of seems to be […]

Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Is Important Improving your indoor air quality can help avoid asthma flare-ups and allergy symptoms. Poor indoor air can create symptoms like headaches, aggravated allergies, elevated asthma, fatigue, coughing, dry eyes and skin rashes. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) — Not a good kind of organic, these might be polluting your indoor air every time […]

AC Compressor Failure

When Your AC Compressor Starts To Fail This can quickly become a huge inconvenience. It isn’t just the ever-warming temperature that you have to worry about; now you have to find time out of your busy schedule to get it fixed. By understanding some of the causes, you may better understand the need for yearly […]

Seasonal Allergies and Air Conditioning

Allergies – in the past year, the increase has been unprecedented. Air conditioning is a technology that has been around for a long time and has improved over the years. It is an important part of our lives because it provides us with comfort, convenience, and health benefits. Air conditioning has become more efficient over […]

Dirty Evaporator Coils

We have been seeing a lot of these lately in homes in the Triangle area, so we really wanted to emphasize the need for a clean coil to you. Dirty evaporator coils really impair the functioning of your HVAC unit, so if you haven’t already had spring maintenance done to your unit, please schedule one […]


Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and a High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) You put a lot of effort into your career and the money you make. Be sure that you put your best effort into researching before purchasing a new air conditioner too. SEER It is the most common way to evaluate an air conditioner’s […]